New Castle News

November 2, 2012

Voters given questions for their consideration

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

Of the following facts, do you “approve” or “disapprove” of:

•President Obama attending 43.8 percent of presidential intelligence daily briefings in 2009 and 2010 and only 38 percent in 2011 to September 2012?

•Obama last met with his jobs council on Jan. 17 and only three times in 2011?

•Obama has spent 600 hours golfing, compared to 412 hours or 4 percent of his presidency in economic meetings?

•Over 70 percent of U.S. deaths of brave men and women in Afghanistan have occurred under Obama’s politically correct “Rules of Engagement”?

•Fourteen days after terrorist attack in Benghazi, Obama addresses the U.N. and continues to blame a video, also creator of video (a U.S. citizen) was imprisoned and remains in jail?

•Both the Supreme Court and the U.S. District Court ruled the EPA had abused and overstepped their regulatory authority toward private landowners and coal industry, but Sen. Bob Casey refused to vote to rein in the EPA and wanted legislation to give EPA more powers?

•Congressman Mike Kelly received a standing ovation (go to YouTube) on the floor of Congress for his statements on costs of mountainous government regulations?

•State Rep. Chris Sainato winning the distinction of being one of the most expensive state representatives?

•State Sen. Elder Vogel not taking a dime in per diems?

Those who disapprove of these politicians wanting their actions, or inaction, kept secret, is it not insulting they run from their records while asking for votes? We need more of the Mike Kelly types in Washington and Elder Vogel types in Harrisburg.

Patty Jenkins

Albert Street

New Castle