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March 6, 2014

Letter writers ignore key details on issues

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

In his claim that Hollywood is redefining marriage, Tim Erson writes as a follower of some visionary instead of a follower of God and His love for all His children (letter, Feb. 13).

Was it Hollywood who redefined the three goats and a pig requirement in exchange for my wife’s hand in marriage?

Since he fails to criticize it, Erson must believe in the sanctity of a marriage at the “Elvis Chapel of Love and Drive-Through.”

Will Erson ever understand the difference between a legal document and a religious ceremony?

Meanwhile, Tea Partier Patty Jenkins mentions that George Tsunis raised $988,550 for President Obama (letter, Feb. 11). As expected, Jenkins fails to mention Sheldon Adelson’s $51 million to Republicans.

By not mentioning any of those high officials’ names, Jenkins makes a fraudulent claim that the IRS made 157 visits to the White House. Jenkins should ask Rush Limbaugh to clarify.

When Jenkins despicably states that the Barack H. Obama Foundation is associated with Islamist extremists, she fails to mention: 1. The foundation is entirely the idea of Abon’go Obama, in memory of his father, and is not dependent on the endorsement of President Obama. 2. Abon’go established the foundation in memory of his father, Barack H. Obama, who died in a 1982 automobile accident.

Jenkins could have saved herself the embarrassment simply by going to the website. Instead, Jenkins’ letter portrays herself as a deceitful and dishonest person. Her time would be better spent looking for that certain Kenyan birth certificate.

Douglas Hoshino

Crescent Avenue

Ellwood City

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