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September 18, 2012

There’s no reason to fear diversity in America

By Staff
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

A recent letter writer expressed his concern that the Democratic Party wants “no part of God.” As a life-long Roman Catholic and a registered Democrat for some 35 years now, I can assure the writer and everyone on the political right, this is simply not true.

As a Catholic, I believe in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Catholic Church. I also believe in this country and all the freedoms for which it stands.

Our founding fathers sought to establish a country in which people were free to practice any religion (or no religion) without fear of persecution.

Perhaps some government officials today, Democrat and otherwise, take that separation a little too far, by removing prayer in schools and removing God from anything official. But we live in a far more culturally and religiously diverse nation than what was founded more than 200 years ago.

We do not live in a Christian country as that writer suggests. Ours is a country with a Christian majority perhaps, but also a country that was founded on the acceptance of other religions.

Cultural and religious differences are not something to fear; they should be embraced, learned from and celebrated. If you want to fear something, then study the writings and philosophies of Ayn Rand.

Paul Ryan makes no secret of his worship for her. If the average Republican voter really knew what she believed, they would shun the Romney/Ryan ticket.

Ayn Rand preached the virtues of capitalism and the sins of socialism, and believed in a minimalist government, which is why Republicans revere her.

She also was an unapologetic atheist, who had no use for God, religion or the general welfare of others. She supported abortion long before it was legal and practiced an open marriage, complete with extra-marital affairs.

John A. DeSanti

Valhalla Drive

New Castle