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December 24, 2013

Failure to compromise is hallmark of Obama

New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Editor, The News:

Sen. Henry Clay: “All legislation ... is founded upon the principle of mutual concession. Let him who elevates himself above humanity, above its weaknesses, its infirmities, its wants, its necessities, say if he pleases, ‘I never will compromise’; but let no one who is not above the frailties of our common nature disdain compromise.”

From “Profiles in Courage,” President John F. Kennedy writes, “But the legislator has some responsibility to conciliate those opposing forces ... to represent them in the larger clash of interest on the national level.”

Even God compromised. Rather than eternal justice upon humanity, He reconciled the gulf between His immutable, Holy character and the sinful nature of mankind through Jesus Christ and the cross.

Is President Obama better than the Almighty?

What has this administration done to improve black American lives in the South Side of Chicago, Detroit’s inner city, Harlem or Los Angeles? Since 1968, trillions of dollars have been spent to lift the poor. This White House has done no better than any previous.

Two-thirds of a billion dollars later, the “unaffordable” health care act is an unveiled debacle. Teenagers construct better websites. Wait until Americans try to access doctors or services and are denied.

As the supreme leader of the free world, the president’s vituperative attitude toward anyone who disagrees is inexcusable. Obamacare’s underlying goal is to take over private-sector business.

Under Obamacare, my grandson, featured in this publication 18 months ago, would have been a mandatory abortion, because he presents an undue burden on society.

It would have been far cheaper for the government to directly pay the hospital bills of the 30 million claimed to have no health care, as service is performed, and leave us alone.

Robert J. Miller

Rose Point Road

New Castle