New Castle News

October 7, 2013

Photo Gallery, Story: Fourth-grader’s thoughts echoed around the county at Life Chains

Dan Irwin
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Life Chain participants know they’re going to be on their feet.

And apparently, one of yesterday’s younger ones — fourth-grader Julia Hanson — does her best thinking that way.

Julia, who attends Family Worship Center on Kennedy Square, estimated that she was given about half an hour at church one to design an entry for a poster contest sponsored by People Concerned for the Unborn Child.

As it turned out, the small window ended up being more than enough time. Prior to the start of yesterday’s 60-minute pro-life vigil downtown, she was named one of the poster competition’s two winners.

“It was a swaddled baby,” Julia said of her entry,” and I wrote, ‘Babies are beautiful,’ and on the back, I wrote ‘When your baby smiles at you for the first time, you’ll know that baby is yours forever.’ ”

The Laurel Elementary School student received a backpack full of prizes as well as a princess crown for her efforts. And she wasn’t done getting her message across yet.

“I just think people should not choose abortion,” she said. “They should stay away from that and keep their own children — don’t even put them up for adoption, just be happy about them.”

The junior-senior high poster winner was Kaylene Lane, a New Castle seventh-grader who attends the Highland Avenue Church of God. She couldn’t be there, but her grandmother, Nancy Zarella of Bessemer, is a faithful attendee, and she  shared that in 1961, she experienced a problem pregnancy with Kaylene’s mother.

“My doctor said he wanted to do an abortion,” Zarella said, “but it wasn’t legal then, plus I had my Catholic upbringing and I knew it was wrong. And as a result, today I have this godly granddaughter.”

Zarella spoke, and the poster winners were named, at a 1:30 p.m. service on Kennedy Square. Also participating were the Rev. Darren Abraham, pastor of Gardner Chapel Assembly of God, who led the Pledge of Allegiance; T.R. Walker, worship leader at Faith Country Chapel, who sang praise music; and the Rev. Kris Kauffman, pastor of Family Worship Center, who led in prayer.

After the service, 212 people bearing pro-life banners and signs lined up along The Diamond and Jefferson Street, reaching as far north as the municipal building. There they stood for the next hour, displaying their messages and praying for an end to abortion.

This was New Castle’s 21st annual Life Chain. It was organized by Karen Hamrick of Family Worship Center.

Similar events took place in communities across the country, including two others in Lawrence County. Dori McElwain coordinated the Life Chain in Ellwood City, while Fern Heckert, Jan Booth and Janet Lutz organized the event in New Wilmington. Those two events attracted 74 and 40 participants, respectively.

At each, a resolve was expressed to bring about an end to a procedure that was legalized in 1973 and has led to a reported 57 million U.S.abortions since that time.”

“Give each person here a voice to speak to our nation and our government,”Kauffman prayed on Kennedy Square, “and let us not stop demonstrating your love until the last child is lost.”