New Castle News

December 20, 2012

Tim Kolodziej: Which Christmas will you experience?

Tim Kolodziej
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — I love Christmas.

The music. The lights. The tree. The whole thing.

I hate Christmas, too.

The music. The lights. The tree. The whole thing.

It just depends on my view at the moment. I can choose to see the beauty and anticipation of Advent. Or I can opt to gaze upon the commercialism, the stress and busyness, and the forced spirit of “the holidays.”


Or humbug.

It really is my choice.

So, that got me thinking. How do I see the world in other ways?

•My work — Do I really view it as just a job because “I gotta pay the bills?” Or is it my calling? Am I doing what I’ve been created to do, and am I impacting lives through my vocation as only I can?

I guess it depends on how I see it.

•Other people — Are they just competitors going after the same piece of pie that I crave? Or are they pilgrims on the same journey I am, who need my influence and friendship?

Depends on how I see them.

•My coaching — Do I see my players as interchangeable commodities to be moved around like chess pieces — for my glory? Or do I see them as young and impressionable hearts, placed in my care, to be developed and taught and loved? In other words, is coaching about my control or is it about me empowering THEM as young leaders?

Depends on how I see my role.

•Myself — Am I still the guy who doesn’t get it? The guy who wants to do the right thing but consistently finds new ways to be selfish, uncaring and foolish? Or am I now a saint, saved by grace through faith, yet realizing how desperate I am for Another’s earned righteousness?

I mean, am I still trying to follow all the rules while continuing to break them? Or do I realize I can never keep all the rules and I rely on Someone who’s already kept them in my place?

It all depends on my view of the gospel.

It all depends on who I see in the manger.

It all depends on whether I believe God came to begin my rescue operation on Christmas morning.

How about you? What will you see next Tuesday?

A vision of credit card bills, annoying extended family members, and toys that just don’t seem to fit together?

Or will you see it as a day when love came down to meet us exactly where we are — insecure, filthy, prideful and longing for something more, something better, something we were made to be?

Our answer, as always, depends on our worldview.

And so does our joy for all eternity.

Merry Christmas, everyone.