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Tim Kolodziej

September 26, 2013

Tim Kolodziej: If you’ve got stinkin’ thinkin’ — sadly, you aren’t alone


NEW CASTLE — “Think different.” — Apple ad campaign

You decide what to dwell on today. It’s your choice.

You decide what fantasies you want to float around in your mind. It’s your choice.

You decide to have evil thoughts about a co-worker, a teammate or a family member. Your choice there, too.

So today, I’m going to issue a challenge to you. I’m going to tackle it as well.

Today, let’s challenge our thinking.

Today, let’s place a simple three-letter word at the doorstep of our thoughts.


That’s it — why.

Do we think we’re “under pressure?”

Why? Because someone else said it’s a pressure situation?

Do we think we are “busy?”

Why? Because we believe others will see us in a better light if we say that?

In other words, let’s stop being swayed by the opinions of others. Let’s instead focus on what is, then address it head-on with a thoughtful, disciplined, realistic approach.

Yes, we could be stopped short of the goal line. Or we may score. But we’ll never know until we make the effort based on extensive preparation in practice.

Let’s replace “nervous” with “excited.”

Let’s replace “failure” with “experiment.”

Let’s replace “uncertainty” with “adventure.”

Now THAT’S living, isn’t it?

At least I think so, anyway.

(What do you all think? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments section.)


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Tim Kolodziej