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Tim Kolodziej

February 28, 2013

Tim Kolodziej: Remember how we used to dream as children? Me neither

NEW CASTLE — The mind.

Where it goes, we follow.


Remember the old “don’t think about a pink elephant right now” test?

Yep. I’m thinking about one right now, too.

But here’s the powerful twist — the mind only goes where we take it.


You angry right now? You chose to take your mind there.

Worried about an upcoming test? You chose to take your mind there.

Thinking impure thoughts about the girl or guy sitting next to you? You chose to take your mind there.

That’s the bad news about our minds.

Want some good news? You can stop it.

Right now.

“Act the age you want to be, not the age others expect.” — Harvey Mackay

As children, we all had vivid imaginations.

Remember ...

•As we shot hoops at the playground, we always dreamed of hitting a jumper at the buzzer to give our team a victory. I don’t recall thinking about the shot clanging off the rim.

•Grabbing a broom and using it as a microphone to “sing” to our audience. Music critics or mean “American Idol” judges never entered my mind.

•Pretending we were a doctor, a soldier or a police officer. I never even considered getting laid off.

•Tying a blanket around our necks and becoming the superhero who saved our city from ruin. What Kryptonite?

Then we grew up.

“Sometimes I feel like we're all still junior highers trying to be accepted by the cool kids, who are doing their best to convince us they're cool.”  — Propaganda

Somehow, during the teen years, the mind takes a deep, dark turn:

•I wonder if people are talking behind my back?

•I’m so stupid! I’ll never get this math stuff!

•My coach hates me. That’s why he never puts me in the game.

•I’m such a loser. I can’t even get a date for the prom.

•Why did I have to come from a poor family?

•I wish I were taller/slimmer/tougher/smarter ... go ahead and fill in the blank.

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Tim Kolodziej