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Tim Kolodziej

November 28, 2013

Tim Kolodziej: I’m thankful for my Starting Five — because I’m not finished yet

NEW CASTLE — “Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought that no one but myself ...’ ” — C.S. Lewis

“What! You too?”

I never knew.

So true.

That’s connection.

That’s exactly how we form bonds with other human beings.

We share a passion. A favorite team. A hobby. A dessert or a book.

Funny, it really does work that way.

“What! You too?”

I never knew.

So true.

“ ‘We’ll be friends forever, won’t we Pooh? asked Piglet. ‘Even longer,’ Pooh answered.”  — A.A. Milne, “Winnie-the-Pooh”

The hug.

I’ll warn you now. You may not get past the hug in the video I’ve attached below.

But try.

I promise it’s worth it.

It’s a gorgeous example of, “What! You too?”

And it’s a powerful look at deep connection — even from thousands of miles apart.

It will bless you. It will warm your heart. It will remind you, especially today, why you are grateful for your friends.

Go ahead, grab another cup of coffee and take a moment to watch.

I’ll be here waiting for you with a few closing thoughts.


“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” — Jim Rohn

You can call it the Starting Five, if you’d like.

Be careful who you choose. Intentional might be a better word for it.

Those five Mr. Rohn was talking about? They’ll get you started, but I promise they will take you places far, far from your initial meeting.

Either where you had hoped to go. Or to depths you hoped you would never sink.

There’s no standing still in friendship.

So, who are your closest friends? Think carefully about those five people you interact with the most.

Do they lift you up or drag you down? Do they speak life or constantly drop drama onto your lap.

Are they shining a light? Or are they enticing you to engage in the darkness.

Hang out with complainers and you’ll become a complainer.

Hang out with people of faith and your faith will grow.

Hang out with gossipers and you’ll start to gossip.

Hang out with hard workers and you’ll want to keep up.

Hang out with dreamers and doers and soon you’ll start dreaming and doing.

Spotting a trend here?

Yes, we ARE the company we keep.

“What! You too?”

I never knew.

So true.

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Tim Kolodziej