New Castle News

July 26, 2012

Tim Kolodziej: 11 reasons why you will struggle next season

Tim Kolodziej
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — It’s your third game of the season, and you’re struggling.

You’re playing hard, you’re being a good teammate, but you’re really, really struggling.

And you’re searching for answers.

You talk to your coach. You talk to your parents. You ask your teammates for something — anything — to get you going.

But it’s too late. You should have asked for help on July 26, 2012. That’s the day you should have sought out someone to guide you, to push you, to encourage you.

You want to know why your game can’t compare to your rival’s as the season kicks into high gear?

Here’s why. Over the summer ...

•He studied his playbook. You played video games.

•He worked on his game. You worked on your tan.

•She took notes. You took a nap.

•She went to bed early. You stayed up all night.

•He watched film. You watched “Gator Boys.”

•He worked on his weaknesses. You ignored yours.

•She watched her diet. You went to Taco Bell and McDonald’s.

•She made 500 shots a day, he threw 500 passes. You played H-O-R-S-E and touch football on the beach.

•He trained with a vision. You watched some YouTube videos and tried to duplicate the tricks.

•He got up early each day and ate a healthy breakfast. You slept until 11 and downed some Fruit Loops.

•She made the starting team. You wouldn’t even make your bed.

And you wonder why you’re struggling.