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Tim Kolodziej

October 10, 2013

Tim Kolodziej: You already ARE changing the world — but be careful how


NEW CASTLE — When asked how she became such a great poet, Maya Angelou responded: “When I was a little girl, my father’s eyes would light up when I walked into the room. That’s how.”

OK, guilty as charged.

In some ways, inaction has mucked up my life at various points. “Instead” has killed plenty of dreams I’ve had.

Maybe you, too.

So, how do we ever get back into the game?

Now what are we supposed to do?


That’s all.

Just do something.

It can even be something small.

Here’s my challenge for you today.


Just say “hi.”

That’s it. We can build on that in the future, but for today, just say “hi” or “hey” or “What’s shakin’, bacon?” or whatever your greeting of choice might be.

Today, say “hi” to co-workers, classmates, teammates and strangers on the street. If you want to be really bold, smile as you say it.

Then watch what happens.

You might be the ONLY person to say “hi” to that woman on the street. You may be the ONLY person to smile at the guy getting on the treadmill.

You may be the only one ACTIVELY making a difference in someone’s life today.

Remember, those thousands of people walking by with their heads down are impacting us — they just don’t know it.

Without uttering a word, they’re saying “you don’t matter.” Or, maybe, “I don’t matter to you.”

So, you with me on this? I mean, if I see you on the street today will you say “hey?”

And, please, don’t feel too much pressure. It’s not like we’re trying to change the world or anything.

We’re doing that already.

For better or for worse.

Whether we realize it or not.

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Tim Kolodziej