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Tim Kolodziej

May 15, 2014

Tim Kolodziej: Let little ones, not little things, guide you

NEW CASTLE — The “little things.”

You’ve heard about them, right?

As in, “It’s the little things that matter most.”

That’s a lie.

I’m not buying it anymore.

And I’m asking you to drop the charade, too.


Because there are no little things.


“We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but from appreciating what we do have.” — Dale Partridge

He just wanted to dance.

That’s all the rugged Hall of Fame quarterback from nearby East Brady wanted to do.

He just had to muster the strength to stand up first.

These days, dancing is no little thing for Jim Kelly.

Not when you’ve been battling cancer for the past year. Not when you’ve endured round after round of chemotherapy. Not when it takes everything in your power to steady yourself without disconnecting the IV hooked to your arm.

The former Buffalo Bills’ star played in four Super Bowls and earned millions of dollars during his stellar football career. But on Sunday afternoon, Kelly didn’t search for one of his vehicles or his big-screen TV or even his putter.

He simply clasped the hand of his wife, Jill, and took the lead. Right there in the hospital room.

“Daddy just wanted to dance with his bride on Mother’s Day.”

That’s what their daughter Erin wrote under a moving photo of the two she posted on Instagram (at right).

There are no little things in the life of a cancer patient.

I would argue there are no little things.


“Everything counts in large amounts.” — Dave Gahan, Depeche Mode

My daughter turned 17 on Monday.

We danced, too.

Not exactly a waltz. Not a minuet, either. Along with her brother, David, we launched into an all-out jam. Right there in the kitchen.

Pharrell was blasting from the stereo and sweat was pouring down my temples. Yet whatever calories we burned off with that impromptu scene from “Soul Train,” we soon paid for with a brownie and ice cream concoction we would consume moments later.

It was worth it.

Funny, but I vividly remember bopping around with Carly in the living room when she was a toddler. Back then, we would move to the sounds of John Mellencamp, Michael Jackson, the B-52s and Harry Connick Jr.

So no, watching my little girl grow up so fast is not a little thing.

And this Daddy just wanted to dance with her.


On her birthday.

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Tim Kolodziej