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Tim Kolodziej

December 6, 2012

Tim Kolodziej: Four reasons why I am so busy — what about you?

NEW CASTLE — “Busy.”

Ask someone how they are doing, and I’d be willing to bet that’s the response you’ll get.

At least eight out of 10 times.

Maybe nine.

Maybe you’ve even said it once or twice yourself.

I have. And, I must admit, my pride often makes me think that term is a badge of honor or something.

As I’m learning daily, it’s not.

Instead, “busyness” is actually a disease borne from a variety of negative factors. Because I know how busy you are too, I’ll limit my reasons to just four to save you some time.

1) Dread — There are some tasks that just aren’t pleasant to perform. Confronting a co-worker, disciplining a child, filling out paperwork ... you get the picture.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say I have a four-page report to fill out for my company. Presuming I am somewhat familiar with the material, it may take a half-hour of my day to complete. Not too bad. That stll leaves me 23 and a half hours in the day.

However, because it’s not in my sweet spot and I really dislike paperwork, I will find 77 others tasks to complete to avoid the forms. As a result, I don’t get to it until the end of the day and then I find myself racing home to get the kids off the bus.

Man, I am so fearful ... er, busy.

2) Lack of focus — Have you seen the movie “Up?” You should. The visuals are gorgeous and it’s surprisingly moving and thoughtful for an animated film. If you have seen it, I tend to be a bit like “Dug,” the golden retriever.

If you recall, Dug could be eating dinner or conversing with an elderly man and, in the midst of a sentence, shout “Squirrel!” To put it politely, he loses focus.

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Tim Kolodziej