New Castle News

May 10, 2012

Tim Kolodziej: Wanna be a leader? If I had to guess, you already are

Tim Kolodziej
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Want to know if you’re a leader?

Just answer these few simple questions and we’ll talk.

•Have you ever persuaded a friend or family member to get on a roller-coaster with you?

•Have you ever gotten your friends to see a movie with you?

•Have you ever comforted a child who had a bad dream — or a bad day at school?

•Have you ever invited a friend to church, to lunch or over for dinner?

•Have you ever been part of a team and helped someone improve his or her skills?

•Have you ever gone first into a haunted house with your crew?

•Have you ever sent a note of encouragement to someone who’s having a tough time?

•Have you ever been sick and battled through your illness to take a test, show up at work or play in a game?

•Have you ever left “the popular table” during lunch to sit with the kid who was eating by himself?

Spot any trends in those questions?

There are three, actually.

1) Leaders show the way — They’ve got a vision and point others to it. And it doesn’t even matter what the vision is. It could be as simple as having fun, or it could go into deeper realms such as building a team or changing a career.

2) Leaders go the way — They are moved by a passion greater than the noise of opposition or the paralysis of fear. The key word is “move.”

3) Leaders know the way — The route to a person’s heart is to express, not impress. Leadership has little to do with control and a lot to do with care.

Show. Go. And Know.

That’s it. That’s leadership.

So, did you answer “yes” to any of those questions above?

Then congratulations, you are a leader.

And I’m guessing you didn’t get there by following the crowd.