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Tim Kolodziej

February 20, 2014

Tim Kolodziej: I know it’s Thursday, but ...


NEW CASTLE — “Bravery is the solution to regret.” — Robin Sharma

But what if ...

Our limits are liars?

Our excuses are thiefs?

What if impossible is just an opinion?

What if our greatest partnerships and victories are just on the other side of our greatest fears?

What if bravery really is the solution to regret?

And what if we were to change our thinking? Not a lot. Just a little bit.

What if we stopped waiting for “When” and started focusing on “Now?”

Wow. I can’t even imagine the possibilities.

All right, let’s try anyway.

What if we all could realize that the joy comes in the doing, not the outcomes. Whether you choose to cooperate with me or not.

We sing because we can’t NOT sing — even if we don’t have a record contract.

We perform our roles at work because we can’t NOT perform them — even if few people notice.

We coach, and teach and lead and encourage — even when it feels as if no one is catching our vision.

Maybe that’s what bravery really is.

Maybe that really is the solution to regret.

Let’s just do and stop worrying about results.




“Think less about me, not less of me. Think more about God, and more about others.”  — Joshua Medcalf

So, how do we that?

I mean, how do we love people in our various roles when every ounce of our being wants to strangle them at times?

Let’s call it the Embolden Rule.

Just do the opposite of what most people do to you.

•Return the phone call, even though others may not.

•Be consistent in your demeanor, even when others make theirs a guessing game.

•Let your “yes” mean “yes.”

•Show up.

•Better yet, show up on time.


•Speak truth and love when others are gossiping and demeaning.

•Sometimes don’t speak at all. Just listen. Really listen. Don’t just wait for your turn to talk again. Engage. Seek to understand. And truly LISTEN.

This list is scary, I know. We won’t have much company if we do those things.

And it’s very risky to commit when there’s nothing in it for us.

Or is there?

In God’s economy, true joy comes through giving. True blessing comes when we choose to bless others.

Fulfillment comes from getting lost in the process.

And that, my friends, is true success.

No matter what anyone else thinks. Or even cares to notice.

To borrow a phrase from the silly commercial that went viral: “Guess what today is?”

It’s Thursday.

Time to get over the hump.

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Tim Kolodziej