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Tim Kolodziej

December 13, 2012

Tim Kolodziej: Five strategies for making the most of your time

NEW CASTLE — You probably haven’t thought about it much, but you have more in common with Thomas Edison than you might think.

Same goes for Helen Keller, Martin Luther King Jr., Billy Graham and Michael Jordan.

About 24 things, to be exact.

That’s how many hours are in a day. And that’s how many hours each day that some of the most notable people to walk the planet have had to work with.

So do you.

I know, I know. Some days we feel a little cheated, like we’ve gotten 18 or so while others got the full two-dozen.

But time doesn’t discriminate. Although we like to preach equality from our nation’s capital down, the clock just might be our only hope in that area.

It doesn’t see color. It doesn’t worry about your age or income. It doesn’t even care if you’re lazy or ambitious.

It just keeps ticking. And ticking. And ticking.

So, how do we make the most of that time? How do drink deeply from our days, savor our successes and forge ahead after our failures — and still find time to eat, drink and go to the bathroom?

Here’s the simple answer: Choose what you will do with this day.

That’s it. I’ve got nothin’ else for you.

We all have the same 24 hours. We can spend them, invest them or waste them.

That’s good news, right? You don’t HAVE to do anything today if you don’t want to.

You always have a choice. Always.

Last week in this blog (read part 1 here), I was pretty transparent and shared my struggles with managing a given day. Today, I’d like to offer a glimpse of hope and let you know it IS possible to overcome the weight of busyness.

But you will have to be intentional. You must swim against the current. Focus on your true priorities.

Think differently than you’ve ever thought before.

That said, I’ll share a couple of quotes, a strategy, an acrostic and a short story to get my point across.

Use whatever works for you. Or use nothing I present.

It’s your call. And it’s your time.

You always have a choice. Always.

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Tim Kolodziej