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Tim Kolodziej

December 12, 2013

Tim Kolodziej: Despite critics, Carrie Underwood taught us plenty in the ‘Sound of Music’


NEW CASTLE — So, what did Carrie Underwood teach us? What’s our key takeaway?

Don’t just sit there. Do something.

If an amazing opportunity comes knocking on your door, you better answer it. Doesn’t matter how many people you see through the peephole holding signs and heckling. Doesn’t matter how many “experts” are on CNN or ESPN shouting you down.

Enter the arena anyway. Whatever your arena may be.

And if you “fail” in the public’s eye? Fail fast. Fail forward. Learn and grow and jump in again.

Author and speaker Brené Brown says there is freedom and power in vulnerability.

“It’s not about winning or losing,” she says. “It’s about showing up and being seen.”

After all, it’s YOUR opportunity, not theirs. It’s YOUR career, not theirs. It’s YOUR joy being fulfilled in the DOING, not in the results — good or bad.

No matter what criticism may come your way, just go ahead and do it. But make sure you answer these three questions beforehand:

•Does someone in authority believe I am capable for this role?

•Do I really feel called to do this?

•Am I prepared for the task at hand?

If you answer yes to all three, jump in with both feet.

It’s what you were created to do. Right now. For such a time as this.

Here’s what Underwood tweeted after the performance last week.

“Glory to God tonight. I couldn’t be more proud. What a tough thing to pull off and we did it! I am so blessed!!!”

And so were we, Carrie.

You keep climbing every mountain, young lady.

If we can manage to put our smartphones and laptops down, you might even inspire us to do the same.

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Tim Kolodziej