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Tim Kolodziej

July 4, 2013

Tim Kolodziej: There’s a Hero in our home movies — and it isn’t me



Please don’t misunderstand me.

There’s no alcohol abuse.

No drugs.

No gambling or porn addiction, either.

Truth be told, I live a pretty “clean” life these days. Some might even call it boring.

I know those of you who knew me 25 years ago might not believe it, but I have no reason to lie.

Yet that doesn’t mean there’s full-on obedience either.

•For every time my kids see me reading the Bible, they probably see me checking my Facebook status or Twitter feed.

•For every time my kids see me praying, they’ve probably heard me criticize a politician.

•For every time they see me worship on a Sunday, they probably see me in front of the TV worshiping professional athletes.

But I thank God that He’s never asked me to be a perfect husband or father. He knew me before I was born, so that certainly wasn’t part of His plan.

I thank God that the focus of our faith is not on the redeemed — but on the Redeemer.

I thank God the Bible presents a real Hero — a real rescuer for my kids — and it doesn’t ask me to hold down that job.

Remember the three stages — Watch Me, Trust Me, Follow Me — that we looked at earlier? From an eternal perspective, they’ve been taken care of for us.

That’s the good news of Christianity. That’s the freedom of the gospel. I no longer HAVE to do those things to be right with God. Instead, I DESIRE to, as haphazardly as it may be at times.

So my role then, as a dad, is not to watch, trust and follow perfectly so my kids will do the same. It’s to continually point my children to The Hero who has already done those things perfectly in my place — and in theirs.

In other words, the less the focus is on us and how we fall short in those areas, the greater our light actually shines.

Now THAT’S a bright idea worth sharing.

(Tim Kolodziej is executive editor at The News. To follow him on Twitter, CLICK HERE.)

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Tim Kolodziej