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Tim Kolodziej

July 4, 2013

Tim Kolodziej: There’s a Hero in our home movies — and it isn’t me

NEW CASTLE — So we were watching old home movies the other night.

There was our daughter, Carly, bouncing around the house in her jammies. She had just finished a breakfast of “pan-a-cakes” and was about to head out to “gymagics” for some tumbling practice.

Then there was our son, David, responding to questions about his typical day. Even at age 2, he displayed poise and eloquence.

What is your name? “Davin Ko’jay.”

What is your favorite sport? “Foo’pall.”

Why football? “Because I frow ball up sky.”

Fair enough.

No doubt your family videos feature much of the same content.

But then it hit me. There was something quite telling about that time period in our kids’ lives that isn’t always apparent from the footage.

I remembered that I was once their hero.

Thank God, now they know better.


I think God has wired all of mankind to go through three stages of life. The first is “Watch Me.”

We see it in the home, at the office, on the playing fields and in the classroom.

We hear it all the time, too: “More things are caught than taught.”

We are all leaders, no matter what stage of life we’re in. We don’t even need a title. We just need to breathe and do stuff and there’s a good chance someone will watch us.

Makes sense. Before we jump into any endeavor, it’s wise to get a good look at someone who’s gone before us.

Motivational guru Tony Robbins has built an empire on that premise: Find someone successful who’s doing what you want to do and watch how they do it. Then make that your business model.

So, what am I fixing my eyes on at home? What do I watch, listen to and log on to?

Better question: WHO am I fixing my eyes on?

What we behold, we become.

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Tim Kolodziej