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Tim Kolodziej

May 22, 2014

Tim Kolodziej: Thank you, Coach Ziggy, for giving me wings

NEW CASTLE — It’s called the Butterfly Effect.

I know. Don’t feel bad. I had never heard of it either until a few weeks ago.

The term stems from a doctoral thesis written in 1963 by Edward Lorenz. In essence, Lorenz theorized that a simple flapping of wings by a butterfly on one side of the globe could, in fact, lead to a shift in weather patterns all the way on the other side.

Crazy, right? That’s what everyone thought until the mid-1990s, when physicists granted the Butterfly Effect a status of law.

Yep, it’s now right up there with gravity.

Here’s what that means to you and me: Even our tiniest actions can — and will — have a major impact on those around us. And we’re not quite sure where it will stop.

You know that harmless little butterfly you saw meandering from bush to bush last summer? That little bugger just might cause a violent storm this year.

So could we, if we’re not careful.

“Many leaders say, ‘watch what I can do.’ Great leaders say, ‘let me show you what you can do.’ ” — Jon Gordon

I’ll admit it. I’m usually the good cop when I coach or teach.

I think it’s because of the Butterfly Effect.

Wait, forget that last sentence. I KNOW FOR CERTAIN it’s because of the Butterfly Effect.

And I know exactly when it occurred.

It happened when one of my youth football coaches had the wisdom to put his arm around me and talk to me when I was making mistake after mistake during practice.

I was frustrated and I know he had to be, too.

Yet he didn’t give me hell because he was angry. Instead, he gave me a vision of what I could become.

I’ll never forget that moment. And my hope is that hundreds of young men and women — some who haven’t even been born yet — will be impacted by my experience.

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Tim Kolodziej