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Tim Kolodziej

July 18, 2013

Tim Kolodziej: Are we ignoring our ‘best selves’ as we pursue success?

NEW CASTLE — Do you make a to-do-list?

I do.

Even on the weekends.

Yep, I am one task-oriented son of a gun.

There is nothing more freeing than scratching an activity from my list.

And there is nothing more weighty than a task I just can’t seem to erase.

So much to do.

So little time.

I’m tired.

I need some help.

“Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” — Anonymous

Are you an accomplished person?

Me too.

But why?

Why is that so important?

Why are we so driven to ...

•Be fitter

•Be smarter

•Have a more manicured yard

•Have a spotless home

•Have brilliant children

•Climb to the top of the corporate ladder

•Enter the retirement years with a healthy bank account.

I’m not sure.

Maybe it’s because we’ve been conditioned to place those things on our to-do-list.

Maybe we’re just the victims of shrewd marketers.

Maybe. I don’t know. Maybe.

“I have deep respect for those willing to drop what’s comfortable, leave what they know and pursue what they love.” — Damon Altizer

Rise and grind.

I see that phrase dozens of times each morning on Twitter.

My coaching friends mean well. They’re trying to motivate and provide a lift as we hit the workplace.

Seems like everyone is “grinding” these days.

We’re all obsessed with becoming our “best self,” whatever that is.

Nothing wrong with pursuing excellence. We’ve all been uniquely gifted, and with a bit of polish and shine, we begin to sparkle.

But what if, for argument’s sake, where you are right now is enough?

Exactly where you are. At this very moment.

What if God told you right now, “Stop. Just relax for a moment. I’ve got a couple of people for you to meet right now. And I think it would be good for them to see you just as you are.”

Not at the weight you want to be. Not at the income you’re hoping to make. Not with the title you’re striving to earn.

Your current weight. Your current income. Your current job.

What if God said, “I just want YOU right now. Just as you are. I promise to view you as PERFECT and I promise you’ll feel like a million. No strings attached from my end, but there’s just one small catch: other human beings can’t see you the way I do, so you might not look perfect to them.”

Would you be OK with that?

I mean, what will other people say?

What will they think?

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Tim Kolodziej