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Tim Kolodziej

April 10, 2014

Tim Kolodziej: You can’t have success without the struggle

NEW CASTLE — We’ve got to do it.

We’ve got to fall in love with the process.

We’ve got to sell out to the practice.

We’ve got to commit to the hard work and development.

If you have visions of truly impacting the lives of others, if you have a dream you just can’t walk away from, if you believe God speaks to the world through your gifts, then I’m talking to you today.

And what I’m about to say might be a huge letdown, but sometimes it’s my role to deliver bad news.

How you choose to take it is another story. It will speak volumes about your mindset and willingness to grow.

Sure, you can keep asking, “Are we there yet?”

And I’ll keep giving you the same answer.

Relax. Stop focusing on destinations and outcomes. Just settle in and enjoy the journey.

That’s where 90 percent of your sport, career, family life — everything — takes place.

And there’s no other way to achieve excellence.

“The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.”  — Steven Furtick

Yep, Shabazz can play a little bit.

So can that James Young dude. And don’t forget about Boatright, McDermott, Jabari Parker and Kaminsky.

Ever seen them work out? Me neither.

All we get to witness is the performance, the recital, if you will. Yet most of their college careers have been spent in rehearsal. For every 40 minutes of game action, there’s probably 20 times that devoted to practice.

They’re watching film. They’re perfecting their shot. They’re choreographing new moves in the paint and on the perimeter.

And they’re failing. Yep, they’re failing over and over and over again at practice.

They know that if they want to be great tomorrow, they can’t worry about looking good today.

It’s all about the sweat. It’s all about getting dirty. It’s all about falling down and getting up.

Kevin Durant? It’s all about being uncomfortable working on his left when it would be so easy to go right.

J.K. Rowling? It’s about writing and then rewriting and maybe even starting all over again.

Those Oscar-winning performances on the big screen? It’s all about rehearsing the scene over and over.

Excellence is not about finally getting it right. It’s about doing it until you can’t get it WRONG.

It’s about being willing to make a fool of yourself. It’s about realizing you may be told “no” 30 times before 31 finally says “yes.”

Because you love to do it.

And you can’t imagine doing anything else.

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Tim Kolodziej