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Tim Kolodziej

August 9, 2012

Tim Kolodziej: 'Greatness' means something different for all of us

NEW CASTLE — What is your "greatness?"

When we hear or see that word, most of tend to think of Jordan, Phelps, Brady, Crosby or Woods.

We think top of the mountain. Gold medal. MVP or best ever.

Nothing wrong with any of those. We should all strive to be the best we can possibly be.

And that's why we must change our definition of the word.

We all have greatness inside of us. It's just waiting to be discovered. Waiting to be inspired. Waiting to make its triumphant debut.

It can mean many different things to many different people.

So, let me pose the question again: What is YOUR "greatness?"

•Is it finally making the team after being cut three times?

•Is it running a 5K without walk breaks?

•Is it keeping the ball on the fairway consistently?

•Is it overcoming the fear of taking a class?

•Is it becoming the sixth man for the good of your team?

•Is it … is it in YOU?

Only you know what your "greatness" is. Only you know how far your body can be pushed, or what level you are capable of competing at.

Daily small break-throughs, daily baby steps up the daunting hill, that's true greatness.

And that can be you.



Love this commercial! Find your greatness. We're all capable of it. All of us.


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Tim Kolodziej