New Castle News

October 24, 2013

Tim Kolodziej: Despite the lies, there is ALWAYS a day after

Tim Kolodziej
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — What do we REALLY want?

More money? A spot on the team? Fame? Security? Love? The respect of our classmates or colleagues?

All of the above?

Something else?

What do we REALLY want?

That’s a tough, tough question.

So deep. So rich. So layered.

And so vital to our future.

If we can grasp this question — I mean, REALLY grasp it — so much foolishness, frustration and heartache would disappear.

But it’s a hard question.

That’s probably why we rarely ask it.

Do you REALLY want to eat that third helping?

Before dropping that spoon back into the tray, ask yourself that question.

Do you REALLY want the sick stomach?

The lack of energy.

The expanded waist line.

The clothes that don’t fit anymore.

The increased risk for diabetes and other health issues.

Is THAT what you want?


If you had all of that information handy BEFORE digging in, would it change your mind?

Or is the “comfort” worth all the problems that lie ahead?

There is no finish line.

It never stops at “once.”

That’s a lie.

Do you REALLY want to drop another $6 on another pack of cigarettes?

Before pulling those bills from your wallet, ask yourself that question.

Do you REALLY want to hold on to that nagging cough?

The difficulty in breathing.

The stained teeth.

The ashtray breath

The clothes that reek of smoke.

The increased risk of heart attacks, strokes and other health issues.

And we PAY for that?

If you had all of that information handy BEFORE purchasing another pack, would it change your mind?

Or is the “relaxation” worth all the problems that lie ahead?

There is no finish line.

It never stops at “once.”

That’s a lie.

Hey, high school students: Do you REALLY want that drink?

Do you REALLY want to fire up a blunt?

Do you REALLY want to have sex?

Even if you knew you would feel horrible the next morning.

Even if you knew it would probably destroy, not help, your relationships with those “friends” of yours.

Even if those actions would take you away from the dreams still in front of you.

Even though you’ve been told over and over that there’s nothing — NOTHING — good that can come from those things.

Would it change your mind the next time you are pressured to give in?

Or is the “good feeling” worth all the problems that lie ahead?

There is no finish line.

It never stops at “once.”

That’s a lie.

We all have vivid imaginations. I guess that’s why we get into so much trouble — by misusing that gift. Most of the time we’re imagining “comfort” or “intimacy” or “security” despite reams of information warning us to avoid destructive behaviors.

Yet what if we could actually see our “day after?” What if we could gaze into a mirror that would morph us just ahead of our bad decisions?

It just might ...

•Show you how pale and horrific you look after a night of drinking and drug use, parked in front of the toilet and puking uncontrollably. Or, worse yet, in jail. Or dead.

•Show you how shaken and ashamed you feel when you realize you’ve just woken up in a strange bed, unclothed, next to the guy from your algebra class.

•Show your parents and relatives worrying and praying for you as the clock continues to tick without them hearing from you.

Or, better still, what if this mirror could fast-forward you into the future and ...

•Reflect your life in 2023, with new relationships and a new outlook because you’re now around people who actually want what’s BEST for you.

•Re-connect you with someone you met only once. She’ll tell you that her life was changed because she followed YOUR postive example one night.

•Show you how delaying what you wanted today for what you wanted MOST really paid off.

What if this mirror could actually reveal your enemy’s two greatest lies — that you can have an abundant life even if you help destroy it, little by little, day by day. Or that you can actually ESCAPE life through drink, illegal drugs or entertainment.

But here’s the truth: There is no such thing as escaping. True joy can only be found in working THROUGH life, surrounded by people who love you, guiding you step-by-step while holding your hand.

So, what do we REALLY want?

That’s a hard, hard question but some clues are taking shape.

•We want a hope and a future

•We want intimacy and to be known

•We want to be comforted

•We want rest

•We want security

•We want something more than this world has to offer.

Am I getting warmer? Maybe we DO know what we really want. Yet we’re so conditioned to hear the voices of this world that we fail to hear The Voice who knows us better than we know ourselves.

We live in a broken, fallen Earth that still, because of who created it, offers plenty of beautiful views. But because of our fallen human nature, we must march together through some dark valleys before we can scale new heights.

There’s a passage in the book, “The Noticer,” that speaks loudly to that very issue.

“Everybody wants to be on the mountaintop, but if you’ll remember, mountaintops are rocky and cold. There is no growth on top of the mountain. Sure, the view is great, but what’s a view for?

“A view just gives us a glimpse of our next destination — our next target. But to hit the target, we must come off the mountain, go through the valley, and begin to climb the next slope. It is in the valley that we slog through the lush grass and rich soil, learning and becoming what enables us to summit life’s next peak.”

Imagine that.

And then slip on the hiking boots. Our tour guide is waiting.