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Tim Kolodziej

December 27, 2012

Tim Kolodziej: I was hoping to blog this week, but this is the best I've got

NEW CASTLE — I wanted to blog in the worst way this week.

I really did.

I had planned to share some insight for the future, since we are just days away from 2013. I wanted to pass along what I've learned in a couple of new books I'm reading. I wanted to motivate you in some way to make next year your greatest yet.

I really did.

But I can't.

I'm too sick.

As I type these words, my body tee-totters from hot sweats to needing three thick blankets to stop the shivering.

My lungs feel as if they will explode when I cough.

My head is pulsating like a rap concert. A really loud rap concert.

And my … aw, enough about me. I will survive. And I will heal. And I will come out of this even healthier than I've ever been.

And, Lord willing, next week I'll continue to share what I'm learning with you. About health and fitness. About the words we use. About our faith. About pressure, and acquiring new skills and being a good teammate.

 I love to learn. And I love to share what I learn. With you, our faithful readers.

Nothing can stop me from bringing you my best each Thursday. Nothing will keep these fingers from delivering thoughts that have inspired me to change in ways I never thought I could.

Nothing will keep us from making 2013 a spectacular year — together. On the homepage of this website, and, at times, inside the pages of the printed edition.

Nothing, that is, except a horrible case of bronchitis.

I usually take pride in being a great teammate, in coming through even when I don't feel my best.

I really wanted to wish you all much joy, happiness and HEALTH as the calendar prepares to turn.

I really wanted to blog in the worst way for you this week.

And as I typed that last sentence, a strange thought occurred to me.

I just did.


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Tim Kolodziej