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Tim Kolodziej

November 1, 2012

Tim Kolodziej: We’ve all witnessed Kobe’s, but what’s YOUR ‘Until?’

NEW CASTLE — Dang, I love this quote from Kobe Bryant.

“I work on a move and skill UNTIL.”

Do you get what the Black Mamba is saying?

“I work on a move and skill UNTIL.”

I know EXACTLY what Kobe means. He works and works and works on a move and skill UNTIL ... he masters it.

He ain’t playin’.

He’s all in.

How about you?

It’s getting awfully close to basketball season at the youth and high school levels. Are you prepared to play at your highest potential?

With just a couple of weeks to go before practice officially begins, how are you enhancing your game?

In other words, where does UNTIL fall in your workouts?

•Until ... you’re tired?

•Until ... your legs hurt?

•Until ... you get frustrated because you keep losing the ball?

•Until ... you’re thirsty?

•Until ... you’re hungry?

•Until ... it’s time for your favorite TV show?

•Until ... a friend texts you to go do something else?

•Until ... your coach stops watching you?

•Or ... until you’ve mastered the move and skill you are working on?

I hope yours is the last one.

I’ve said this over and over, but it’s so true — you must practice in proportion to your aspirations.

Do you just want to make the team? Then your UNTIL can come a little sooner than those with higher goals.

Do you want to be a starter? Then you’ll have to go harder.

Do you want to be a star? Only deliberate effort will take you that far.

Always remember, successful and unsuccessful players don’t differ much in their ability. They only vary in their desire to reach their potential.

I can name tons of athletes who never should have played in college or the pros — but their will carried them to places their natural talent never could.

So, where will your desire to excel take you this season?

Will the other teams and coaches in your league say they’ve never seen a player so determined?

They probably haven’t.

UNTIL ... now.



Here’s a fun example of what you can accomplish through focused, deliberate practice.

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Tim Kolodziej