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Tim Kolodziej

February 23, 2012

Tim Kolodziej: Is the story of your life a page-turner?

NEW CASTLE — “It’s the story of my life.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that phrase uttered over the years. Mostly, when bad things happen.

Your girl breaks up. “Story of my life.”

Your car breaks down. “Story of my life.”

You lose your job. “Story of my life.”

You lose your keys. “Story of my life.”

So now it’s got me thinking: What’s the story of my  life?


When my time has come and gone, what is the one sentence that will sum up my days here on Earth?

How about you? What is the story of your life?

Here are some options ...

•He never got a break.

•Trouble just seemed to find him.

•He had a good heart, but his head was never screwed on straight.

•Drugs just ruined her life.

•He had so much potential. He was just lazy.

•Look up the word “fretting” in the dictionary, and you’ll see her picture.

•Dude had a temper. Nobody messed with him.

•He was scared of his own shadow.

•She just couldn’t get along with people at work.

•He never learned how to handle money.

•He was a great athlete growing up. He just never found his niche after high school.

•She went through shoes like water.

Or maybe these ...

•She was a huge music fan.

•He loved his Steelers.

•She was addicted to her “soaps.”

•He never missed a high school basketball game.

•She adored her family.

•He was the go-to guy at the office, a real workaholic.

•She had more than 2,000 friends on Facebook.

•He coached little league for 25 years.

•She was a Superwoman. She excelled in a demanding job, she was president of the PTO and taught CCD.

•He really enjoyed a good book.

•She never missed a movie.

•He was the life of every party.

•Boy, could she whip up a meal.

Sound familiar?

Chances are, your life fits nicely into one of those categories. Or maybe a few.

You OK with being remembered that way?

Or is there something else out there, but you just can’t take the risk?

The only thing worse than constructing a boring or tragic story is letting someone else write it for you.

So think hard. How many chapters have you let your parents, friends, coaches or co-workers create for you?

If you get nothing else out of this blog, please be advised: It’s the story of your life.

You get one chance. One line to be remembered by.

And it’s never too late to make a few edits.

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Tim Kolodziej