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Kali-Davies Anderson

October 15, 2013

Kali Davies-Anderson: Not exactly a picture-perfect day for us

NEW CASTLE — When I was little (and sometimes even now) my mother took what seemed like millions of pictures of my sisters and I.

Shannon wore a green sweatshirt? Take a picture.

Lindy picked a flower? Take a picture.

Chelsie and Rosa shaved the heads of multiple Barbie dolls in the attic? A definite Kodak moment.

I, however, do not appear to be blessed with the desire to photograph every moment of my children’s lives. In fact, I have only about a dozen photographs from the hospital when my children were born.

This might explain why though she is almost 6 months old, I had never taken my youngest daughter to be professionally photographed, nor had I taken pictures of both children together.

So riddled with guilt one morning, I made the rash decision to dress up the girls and head to a photography studio.

I made the appointment for 12:20 p.m. but by the time I gathered all the supplies I would need to be away from home for two hours, I was running a little bit late. Thinking this would be OK with the studio, I called about five minutes before my appointment was to start and explained my situation, stating that I was going to be around five minutes late.

I expected her to say that five minutes late would probably be OK, but apparently that was unacceptable, and she offered me an appointment more than an hour later.

On one hand I was relieved that we could still get in that day and on the other hand I was highly annoyed that arriving five minutes late was cause for rescheduling the entire thing.

I had hoped that both children would doze off on the 25-minute drive to Boardman, but despite the fact that her head was slumped over and nearly falling off, my older daughter refused to sleep.

After an hour of meandering around Boardman with two children in a stroller and 25 minutes of waiting at the portrait studio for our turn, they finally ushered us back to the dark little room and began the session.

Since I wanted single pictures of each of them, then a few of them together, they began with the baby.

After napping and eating she was as happy as can be and smiled for each of her photos.

Meanwhile, my older daughter was losing her patience and began her “Terrible Two” antics.

She started with the displays in the room, bringing me a giant pumpkin over 10 times, then a raggedy Elmo doll and finally the cords to the camera. She walked into the light during the baby’s single photos and when it came time for her pictures she had a very dramatic emotional meltdown, complete with a runny nose, kicking legs and insinuated threats of pinching her younger sister, a meltdown that was only caused to subside by the offering of several pieces of “Extra Polar Ice” chewing gum.

I, of course maintained as much composure as possible, all the while apologizing to the poor young specimen attempting to make beautiful memories of my children.

When all was said and done, I ended up with some lovely pictures of the baby, some equally beautiful photos of Miss Violet and one semi-precious photograph of them together.

Only when examined closely can one notice that throughout the various pictures and poses, a small piece of blue chewing gum makes several appearances, just a tiny reminder of the challenges that arise with children, even in the most routine situations.


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Kali-Davies Anderson
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