New Castle News

March 4, 2014

Kali Davies-Anderson: A heartfelt thanks for my blog response

Kali Davies-Anderson
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — For this week’s post, I would simply like to extend a heartfelt “thank you” for the outpouring of love and kind words shown to me regarding my blog last Tuesday.

I was willing to share my story because I have already lost several friends to eating disorders, depression and other forms of mental illness and I think there is still a stigma placed on those suffering, but I pray that someday that will not be the case.

I pray that someday people will be able to speak as openly and receive help as readily as anyone suffering with any kind of illness. All of you who reached out to me have truly touched my heart — many of whom have been there for me in the worst of times. I can only hope that my words somehow touched someone out there and that everyone fighting the battle continues to fight.

And no worries, next week I will revert back to my usual posts about Sponge Bob, headstrong toddlers and all of the other captivatingly mundane aspects of my life!