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Kali-Davies Anderson

April 29, 2014

Kali Davies-Anderson: Don’t laugh, I really am turning 29 — and yes, it’s my first time

NEW CASTLE — In about a week I am going to celebrate my 29th birthday.

The first of MANY 29th birthdays, I am sure. At any rate, I will keep this short and sweet.

Here are 29 things I have learned about myself in the last 29 years:

1) I don’t have all the answers.

2) Spiders are the most terrifying creature I can think of.

3) Arthritis isn’t just for the elderly.

4) Most “fancy” restaurants are overrated.

5) Sleep is an optional luxury.

6) I prefer myself with long hair.

7) Sisters are never too old to argue.

8) Wearing shoes that are too small is always a bad idea.

9) The act of worrying doesn’t usually solve problems.

10) Most children’s cartoons are secret forms of parental punishment.

11) I can hear very little out of my left ear.

12) Fireworks are the devil.

13) Grocery shopping is not as fun when most of what you’re buying is for other people.

14) Baby food is not all that bad tasting.

15) Whenever possible and practical, buy used.

16) Pictures and videos are of utmost importance.

17) Newborns change very quickly.

18) Toddlers are all unknowingly stand-up comedians.

19) Crowded parking lots are children’s meltdown areas of choice.

20) Sushi is the most delightful food.

21) Thunderstorms are one step down from being the devil.

22) A sleeping baby should never be awakened.

23) Your mother really was always right.

24) True happiness comes from within.

25) It is easy to love those who also love you.

26) Childbirth is not so bad.

27) Pregnancy is not so pretty.

28) Music heals the soul.

29) There is very little in my life that a glass of red wine, a piece of cake and a hug cannot improve.

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Kali-Davies Anderson
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