New Castle News

December 31, 2013

Kali Davies-Anderson: Resolving to not change a thing for the New Year

Kali Davies-Anderson
New Castle News


Almost everybody has, at some point, made a New Year’s Resolution.

For some people it involves physical health and fitness. For others it entails giving up some kind of vice or habit, and for many it is something nearly impossible to achieve that just plain sounds good.

I think I have resolved to do a variation of all of these things; sometimes succeeding and often times failing miserably.

On Christmas morning I got up at 5 so that I could have some peace and quiet before the hectic day began. For once I could actually hear myself think and process those thoughts without the chimes of everyone else’s wants and needs ringing in my head. I had some time to process the fact that 2013 was drawing to a close. I decided to make a list of possible New Year’s resolutions.

As I sat with a pen and notepad I was very surprised at how difficult it was to think of something I could vow to change in the year 2014.

Sure, I would like to work out more, eat better, spend more quality time with my husband, save money etc., but those things do not seem worthy of an entire year of dedication.

After contemplating for almost 30 minutes I realized that despite the knowledge that I am not perfect and neither are my circumstances, my New Year’s resolution would be to change nothing.  

Seems like a cop-out huh? But, it’s actually the perfect resolution for me.

You see 2013 was a great year. Of course there were ups and downs but overall it was wonderful.

I experienced a year of good health, as did all of my loved ones. I welcomed my second child into the world, and despite some scares with her health initially, she is growing and thriving. My oldest daughter is turning into quite the little character and has barely had a cold all year (although now that I typed that out she will promptly become ill). My husband switched jobs and I was able to continue staying at home with my children. Neither of our vehicles gave out on us, (despite some strange noises coming from one of them) and we were able to continue living what I think is a comfortable life.

If I could change anything about the year it would be my reactions to some situations that I maybe didn’t handle in the most rational way possible, but that would be nitpicking.

Obviously I feel as though there is always room for people to change and grow and I suppose that many people use the “New Year’s Resolution”  as a catalyst for these changes. I, however, am resolving to continue appreciating and expand upon my appreciation for the gifts that I have been blessed with in the year 2014.

So when the ball drops at midnight on Wednesday, look around you and take it all in. You have made it through another year. It probably hasn’t always been easy, but you did it. Despite the challenges and misfortunes and downright tough times, you have somehow managed to mentally, physically and emotionally survive the 365 days that made up the year 2013.

Congratulations to you and yours. That’s something to celebrate. Now let’s do it again for the next 365.

Happy New Year.