New Castle News

November 22, 2013

Gary Church: Flop with a cop — I guess I’ll see you next fall, Bob!

Gary Church
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — In case you have never seen them, I usually appear in the New Castle News Light Up Night videos.

This year I had my own personal videographer, Amanda King, hang out with me, for most of the evening.

She is young and talented, and nice to work with.

We were on the Columbus Innerbelt, and she thought I should interview some guys dressed up in Duck Dynasty outfits.

Also standing on the innerbelt was city officer J.J. Paglia. I stopped to chat with him for a moment.

He sometimes patrols on a motorcycle, which he had with him that night.

I interviewed his dad Lucian, and started back toward the diamond for the tree lighting ceremonies.

As my custom, I never noticed the lane barrier on the road.

With microphone in hand, I tripped, and lost my balance.

This sent me flying across the road, directly toward Officer Paglia's $25,000 motorcycle.

With the force of former Steeler linebacker James Harrison hitting Bret Favre, I hit the motorcycle.

The bike was no match for my 300 pounds, and it went to the ground, with me on top of it.

This was not one of the favorite moments I've had in my life.

Luckily, Amanda did not catch it on film, which would have been a big hit on YouTube.

Officer Paglia checked out his bike, and it seemed to be OK.

I did stow my knuckle, and my left knee had some pain, but thanks to the motorcycle, that was all the damage.

By the time I was getting ready for bed that night, the pain had increased and I was starting to contemplate leg amputation.

It was probably a bruised ligament, which I always wanted anyway. It's much better now.

I should have been on falling down alert, because I had an omen. I had just talked with Bob Heminger, who was a witness to the last time I fell downtown on East Street. That time I missed the curb.

There seems to be some type of correlation between Bob being downtown, and me falling.

The next time I see him there, I'll just turn around and go home, before I end up killing myself.