New Castle News

October 1, 2013

Gary Church: Yeesh! The smell of a perm is enough to make my hair curl!

Gary Church
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — You are never too old to learn something.

I recently discovered that the very first beauty salon in the United States was started in Philadelphia.

Aren't you excited?

I have a love-hate relationship with beauty parlors.

As a child I used to have to go with my mother when she got her hair done.

How well I remember sitting in the Temple building — waiting, waiting, waiting — while she got a permanent.

I have flashbacks to this day, from being left all alone in the waiting area for what seemed like an eternity.

Back then, it must have taken six to eight hours to get your hair done.

There was nothing for a boy to do.

Mom sat under that big dryer thing for hours, and there was no way to talk to her.

The only part I enjoyed was the ride up the elevator.

I have not been in very many beauty shops since.

You would think, after all of the years since the shop opened in Philly, that someone would have come up with a permanent that didn't smell awful.

The permanent industry must not realize that some man somewhere has to sleep with that stinky head of hair, right next to his nostrils.

Even Lysol realizes it needs different aromas in their sprays. Choices like Spring Waterfall, Crisp Linen, Summer Breeze, and Vanilla Blossoms are listed in the disinfectant spray’s product line.

Why can't Lilt or Toni home permanents come up with aromas like Hot Apple Pie, Fresh Out Of The Oven Peanut Butter Cookies, Niagara Falls Chocolate Fudge, or Theater Buttered Popcorn.

It would be a pleasure to crawl into bed beside someone who smelled like that.

Of course, the downside is, you may have to get up and have a little snack sometime during the night.

Beauty salons are a good thing, they just need to modernize a little and perhaps visit a few barbershops to see how to speed things up a bit.

If Mom were like me and went to Tommy the Barber to get her hair done, she would have been in and out in 15 minutes, and I wouldn't have these flashbacks today.

The only bad side is, Tommy doesn't have an elevator.