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Gary Church

April 22, 2014

Gary Church: So, where WAS I dumping our sewage?

NEW CASTLE — If it takes using a tool to make home repairs, I tend to shy away from it.

I didn't do well in wood shop, nor mechanical engineering class.

When it comes to repairs, I just call a professional, and have my wife pay the bill.

One time I drained the water out of her car to add antifreeze. I had to call for it to be towed.

Although I have lived here 50 years, I've never had to have any drain pipes cleaned, until recently.

I noticed when we flushed the commode, the tub drain would gurgle.

This did not make my wife very happy.

I do know that the tub, toilet and sink all drain into one pipe, which goes outside and connects with the main sewer line.

When the plumber checked the bathroom drain pipe, it had cobwebs in it.

This has become a great mystery at the Church household.

For a very long time, the drain pipe was not working.

My question is, where did everything go?

Have any of you noticed any extra sewage in your drain pipes?

Maybe it was mine.

Since nothing was going down the sewer pipe, that means it wasn't making its way to the sewage treatment plant.

Naturally, when I got my sewer bill, I figured they would owe me some kind of refund.

That was not the case.

I'm proud to say that after the plumber was done, we are again contributing to the Sanitation Authority.

I can't wait until I run into my favorite ex-mayor, Richard Christofer, who is a big honcho at the Sanitation Authority.

I'll be sure to ask him if he missed my business.

And, even more important, is my refund check in the mail?


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Gary Church
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