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Gary Church

May 3, 2013

Gary Church: Neighbor’s ‘gift’ keeps on giving ... me fits!

NEW CASTLE — When my neighbor Mike moved to Texas, I inherited a few of his things he didn't have room for.

One of them was a very heavy cement bird bath.

Being the kind person that he was, my former neighbor Mike and his son brought it over and set it up in my garden for me.

Somehow, during the wonderful winter that we had, it either blew over or it was sabotaged.

My little birdbath never moved, but the cement one was lying on its side.

After having a few cans of me spinach, I was able to set the thing back up.

Upon closer observation, I noticed the bird bath had two holes drilled in the bottom of it.

This might explain why I had such a hard time keeping it full of water.

The birds were constantly complaining about no bath water.

I thought the water evaporated faster in the cement birdbath than in the small ceramic one that I have.

I finally questioned Mike about the holes.

He belted out right away that he did it.

I don't think I would trust Mike with any homeland security secrets.

He said he drilled the holes in the bird bath so he could grow Wave petunias in it.

This was not mentioned in his teary-eyed gift presentation speech.

Now I have two options that I must consider.

I could get a cement truck to come and fill the two holes, or just set a hanging basket in the thing.

I'll probably go with the cement truck solution.

The blue jays prefer the bigger birdbath over my smaller one.

It's also large enough to accommodate any rhinoceros that might be passing through.

Now that I think about it, that's probably how it got knocked over in the first place.


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Gary Church
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