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Gary Church

June 10, 2014

Gary Church: What should I get my wife for our anniversary?

NEW CASTLE — My 40th wedding anniversary is coming up, and I think my wife is expecting some kind of an extravagant present.

She hasn't used the last gift I got her, so why should I buy another one? I could wrap up the scarf that I got her for Valentine’s Day, and she probably wouldn't know the difference.

Another gift I used to buy her a lot was a wrist watch.

She probably has 75 of them lying around that don't work.

A watch, to me, is a valuable possession.

Mine leaves my body for only the brief time I'm in the shower.

She never wears hers.

My daughter did get her one last Christmas.

She wears it only when she goes out.

If we are sitting on the back patio, she usually has to ask me what time it is.

I always ask back, "Where's your watch?"

Of course, I have to tell her the time because I don't want her to be late putting the potatoes on.

I've been presenting her with extravagant presents all year.

When is enough, enough?

Just last week I got her three new windows for the front of the house.

She really didn't react like I thought she would when I surprised her with a new battery for my riding mower.

My mower is equipped with a safety device that shuts it off when I vacate the seat.

I had to stay seated on my mower or it would not restart.

That meant she had to follow the mower around and pick up all the sticks for the little trailer in tow.

With the new battery, I can now do that by myself.

I'm always thinking of her.

Even the blower I bought is battery operated, so she doesn't have to pull a rope to start it.

So if she doesn't need a watch, a scarf, a blower, new windows, or a lawn mower battery, what's left to get her?

Maybe this year I'll surprise her with an oar.

You never know when she might take up boating.


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Gary Church
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