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Gary Church

May 27, 2014

Gary Church: Hey, I voted in the primary — so where’s my free lunch?

NEW CASTLE — Voting just wasn't the same this year. They changed my voting location.

I usually chit-chat with the guards, but my buddy was transferred to a different location.

They probably needed tougher security there.

The place did smell good when I walked in. They were warming up their soup.

I didn't stay for lunch, although I was invited.

Some of the precinct workers were new, and probably weren't aware that I was a little off.

After hearing all hub-bub about voter ID, I took every identification I have with me.

How did I know they didn't need to see my appendix scar for proof that I was who I said I was?

There were some gasps when I started to show it.

My wife was with me, and the ladies said that’s all the identification she needed.

The location changed, but some of the things that usually happen to me, still happened.

Before I got into the building, I had to answer a question about someone's dead ivy plant.

While I was signing in, a lady asked me about a bush she has.

There weren't very many people to vote for this time.

It took longer for the worker to explain to me how to use the voting machine than it actually did for me to vote.

Yes, I did get the “free coffee” sticker.

We went straight to Burger King and I got my freebie. It was even drinkable.

Gone are the days where there were two constables at my precinct.

They always told me, one had the gun, the other had the bullet.

There was no serenade this year, like I usually gave the girls.

The phrase, "Here comes trouble," though, was still heard when I walked in.

I think in November I'm going to call ahead to see what they are serving for lunch.

If it's something I like, I'll stay and eat.

I just hope they accept my "I voted" free coffee sticker there.


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Gary Church
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