New Castle News

August 17, 2012

Gary Church: Taking photos at the fair really gets my goat

Gary Church
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — The New Castle News asked me if I would like to take photos at the Lawrence County Fair this year.

Who wouldn't want that job?

You get a parking pass, a free admission pass, and you are surrounded by all those wonderful french fries.

As I was resting on a bench, with my arm in back of my wife, I felt my hand being kissed.

This never happens to me, so I let them kiss for a little bit before I turned around.

I looked back, hoping it wasn't someone mistaking me for Justen Bieber. We look a lot alike.

Well, it wasn't.

I can't say I've ever been smooched by a goat, but that's who was nibbling on my hand.

At least I didn't have to explain anything to my wife.

As the goat and I got better acquainted, I learned that he was a Boer goat.

Owner Rich Nesbit said that Boer goats are used for their meat.

This left me stunned. Who eats goat meat?

I’ve been to many restaurants during my life, but I've never seen goat's meat on the menu.

No goat ribs, goat legs, or goat breasts on the menu. Not a thing with the word goat in it.

They explained to me it was like roast beef.

That's OK, I'll eat the roast beef, but will probably pass on the goat's meat.

The Nesbits did mention they don't eat their own goats. They become too attached to them.

The other kind of goat is the milk goat.

I've heard of goat milk fudge, but I've never tried it.

I just thought goats were something you had on the farm that ate anything in sight, like a photographer's hand.

The big thing I learned from the judge at the goat show was, never walk behind your goat.

I don't know why, but if I'm ever walking my goat, I'll take the lead.