New Castle News

May 21, 2013

Gary Church: Dang! I missed out on meeting Pat Toomey — whoever that is

Gary Church
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Sometimes I say "Yes" to something before I think about it.

I received a call from The News office, wanting me to take photos of Pat Toomey's visit to the county courthouse.

Very eager to do so, I said, "Yes!"

After I said yes, I realized I had no idea what Pat Toomey looked like.

Since he sounded important, I changed into my Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes and ironed a shirt.

Who wants to be seen by Pat Toomey in grass-stained jeans and a wrinkled shirt?

When I arrived at the courthouse, I saw the TV commentators interviewing a guy, so I took his picture.

I found out it wasn't Pat Toomey.

My next idea was to ask every male in a suit if he was Pat Toomey.

I later decided that wasn't the best idea I've ever had.

The TV reporters on the scene weren't aware that Pat Toomey was coming.

It made me feel a little important — I knew something they didn't.

Finally, reporter John K. Manna from The News showed up and said Toomey was supposed to be on the courthouse steps.

John told me to wait outside while he went into the courthouse for some additional information.

I did as I was told, and started to chit-chat with Harold Hayes from KDKA-TV.

When I told him who was coming, he decided to wait with me.

John finally came out of the courthouse and told me that I could go home.

"The Pat Toomey event has been canceled," he said.

I was devastated.

There probably went the only chance in my life to meet Mr. Toomey.

I said goodbye to Harold and went back home to my grass-stained jeans and ripped T-shirt.

My only question is, "Who, exactly, is Pat Toomey?"