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Gary Church

May 2, 2014

Gary Church: ‘Hot Cross Buns’ and a concert worth recording

NEW CASTLE — For those that may not realize it, I like a little culture once in a while.

Just last week, I took my wife to a concert.

We knew one of the guys in the band, and he really wanted us to attend.

We put on our best jeans and tops, and headed over to the Hubbard Elementary School for a recorder concert.

In all my life, I had never heard of a recorder.

That's probably because in my day, we called it a toy horn that you got at the G.C. Murphy store for 99 cents.

Since my grandson Austin is in the fourth-grade recorder band, we attended his concert.

I can't say the program was a sellout. We had no trouble finding good seats.

I guess people just don't appreciate good music anymore.

With great anticipation, I saw Austin walk in and take his seat.

When you are seated in the audience, and the band on the stage is made up of short children, there's a slight problem.

You can't see the kids heads, over the music stands.

When they sat down, it's like they all disappeared.

I'm sure my grandson was fantastic, I just couldn't see him.

The first song was a blues number. It only had two notes in the whole song, but had a nice beat.

Then came my favorite, "Merrily we bag our groceries."

There was a little “name that tune” the music teacher had with the kids in the audience.

Because I had a private concert once when Austin was visiting, I immediately recognized the song "Hot Cross Buns." I wanted to shout it out, but some fifth-grader beat me to it.

That's OK. There was no prize for knowing the answer.

Things have changed since I had music class at the old West Side grade school.

My music teachers were between 95 and 100 years old, and would kill you for no reason at all.

Austin has some young and very attractive music teachers, both sweet and charming.

I finally saw him after the concert, and took his picture with his recorder.

No one has mentioned yet, if he gets to keep his instrument.

My mother threw mine away.

I have no idea why.


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Gary Church
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