New Castle News

February 4, 2014

Gary Church: My wife’s lucky I never got cold feet

Gary Church
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — I didn't have a Christmas list this year.

Seems that everything I want, Santa can't afford.

Desperately trying to think of something to get me, my wife asked if I would like a pair of slippers.

That was an easy question to answer. I quickly replied, "No!"

I've never owned a pair of slippers in my life!

My wife won't take a step without them on.

During the winter, I wear socks around the house. During the summer, I let my feet go au naturel.

It may be an inherited thing. One time I visited my cousins in Kentucky, and I was the only kid in the house with shoes and socks on.

At first, when I retired, I was not into fashion as much as I am now.

I would sit outside during the summer, wearing shorts and no socks, plus I had my work shoes on.

My old neighbor, Mike, never mentioned anything about my ensemble, but I felt I needed to improve on it.

Thankfully, deck shoes came into fashion, so I now wear them while outside.

I feel no need for slippers.

Since I'm naturally hot stuff, my feet don't get cold.

Unfortunately this is not the case for my wife, "Antarctica Feet Carol."

At least slippers are an easy and cheap Christmas present to get her.

My needs are a little more costly.

A new car would be nice.