New Castle News

December 10, 2013

Gary Church: My X-rated attempt to keep my wife warm

Gary Church
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — It's that time of year when I have to hit the stores to do a little shopping.

By correcting some past mistakes, I am getting better at it.

In prior years, I have bought my wife a winter coat.

Last year it did not fit, and she had to return it, leaving her coatless for the winter.

I guess I was not on the need-to-know list when she went from XL to 1X

Probably 100 percent of the men out there, do not know that XL, and 1X are two completely different sizes.

I ask you, "Why?"

They both have one "X" on the tag.

If a coat size is extra large, shouldn't the next size be 2 extra large?

I check the men's sizes and after XL is 2XL. That's the normal way to do it.

Another thing I have come to realize — all the nice stylish coats are in the junior size department.

Once you get to the 1X size, your choice narrows down to about three ugly coats.

The pressure is on when buying a winter coat, because if it doesn't fit, and your wife has to take it back after Christmas, the stores are all showing bathing suits and sandals.

Not a winter coat on the rack.

This is one reason why I prefer to buy presents with a plug on the end.

If the salad shooter is too big, and you take it back, there will still be other salad shooters to choose from.

It’s not so with women's clothes.

Being a man sure has its privileges, like normal sizes.

The downside is, we have to shop for women's stuff.