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Gary Church

March 21, 2014

Gary Church: Maybe I didn’t get into trouble, but I got the last lap

NEW CASTLE — I try to attend the New Wilmington Business Expo each year.

This year, it was a little different for me. I was asked by The News to take some photos while I was there.

Accompanied by my wife and grandson, with camera around my neck, I arrived on scene.

This seemed like a fun shoot. I didn't see any way that I could get into trouble.

Before my wife even paid the dollar for my admittance, an Amish woman looked at me and said, "You better not take my picture! You're not allowed."

I joked with her a little and said, "I really wanted you for the front page of The News," but then assured her that I would not take her photo.

After a few hugs from some beautiful ladies, I made it into the field house at Westminster College.

Most of the photos and interviews I did were with ordinary business folks, promoting their wares.

Since my dream is to get a new patio, I chatted with a couple of fun-loving guys who were displaying new patio photos.

I took their picture, and started to write down the names they had on their name tags.

These two young jokesters said, "That's not our names."

They added, "We made those names up, in case someone reports us to our boss.  He'll just say, 'No one by that name works here."

I may have to try that sometime. I'll just write John Manna on my name tag.

My knees started to notice that I had been walking for a while, and they wanted me to sit down.

There was a display of Amish-made polywood outdoor furniture, which I thought I could test out for everyone.

I plopped my weary body down on a rocking chair.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, one of my female friends from long ago came over and sat down on my lap.

I checked to see if my wife was looking and, of course, she was.

Thankfully, she was smiling.

Afterward, I was happy to report back to her that I was glad someone came along to test out if the chairs were built strong enough for two.

She must not have cared about my report. She didn't buy any chairs.


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Gary Church
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