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September 21, 2012

Gary Church: I know you might mistake me for Brad Pitt, but really, I’m just the ‘Garden Guy’

Gary Church
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — Because my photo appears in the New Castle News every Saturday, I get recognized a lot when I'm out in public.

I never know when they see me, what subject I wrote about is going to pop into people’s minds.

Last week, I had to make my first visit to Chris Sainato's office to get a form.

I think my wife hangs out there, but this was my first time.

I knew two of the three secretaries working there, but I got the one that I didn't know.

When I gave her my driver’s license she said, "Are you the Gary Church who writes the gardening column?"

After asking her if she had any connections to the parole office, I said, "Yes."

She then informed me that she reads my column. That's always nice to hear.

All of a sudden, the lady being interviewed at the next desk said, "Oh, I bought the goat that tried to make out with you at the fair!"

That's just something I never dreamed would come up again, especially in Mr. Sainato's office.

I quickly looked around the office to see if the other secretaries were giving me that, “is this guy kinky?” look.

They weren't.

I kindly asked how the goat was doing and she said, "Fine."

I'm still not sure what you do with goats, but if you ever need one to lick your hand, I can highly recommend the one she bought.

Perhaps the next time I have to go to Mr. Sainato's office, I'll go incognito. I was thinking about getting a pair of those fake glasses with a big nose and mustache attached.

Then I realized, I already wear glasses and have a big nose and mustache, so there probably wouldn't be much of a change.

I'm just waiting for someone to mistake me for Brad Pitt. I'll truly be honest with them and confess, "No, I'm only the garden guy."

I'm just hoping the goat didn't mistake me for Brad. I kind of liked her.

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