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July 27, 2012

Gary Church: Coffee trouble brewing? I won’t get all syrupy on you

Gary Church
New Castle News

NEW CASTLE — When a marriage occurs, you are bringing together two people who have come from two totally different backgrounds.

Sometimes, you just have to ignore some of the weird things she does.

My wife is half Italian and she best describes me as half nuts.

Since our retirements, we are together all day long, and night too.

This means we get to eat each and every meal together, which is nice.

One thing we do agree on is, coffee should be served after the meal.

It's where we drink this coffee that shows our differences.

I, of course, drink mine like God intended, at the table.

She, on the other hand, likes to go to remote areas of the world to drink her two cups of coffee.

I'm not sure why. It takes her a lot longer to drink it somewhere else.

I thought I might run a little test and time her one morning.

The results were, I was done with my two cups of coffee, had my cup and bowl washed, I was showered and dressed, and seated outside on the patio, 40 minutes before she finished her second cup of coffee.

Being such a sweet and devoted husband, I never ask why she can't drink her coffee at the table, like God originally intended.

I just let it ride.

Another big difference between us involves pancakes.

My dear, sweet mother made homemade pancakes and syrup for me until she entered the nursing home at age 92.

We never had a bottle of Log Cabin syrup in the house.

I would never eat pancakes at a restaurant, because I didn't care for the quality of their pancakes compared to my mother’s.

My wife, on the other hand, would not eat Mom's pancakes at all. She always complained that there were no eggs in them.

She refuses to make them for me, so I have gone without them since Mom passed away.

And another thing, my wife buys Log Cabin syrup.

During our pre-marital counseling, where you drink your coffee and what kind of pancakes you like, never came up.

Since the divorce rate is on the rise, I guess it's going to be up to me to write a pre-marital counseling book, which covers these very important issues.

One other thing — sometimes she forgets her cup at all these remote locations.

I'll probably discuss that in Chapter 3 of my counseling book.