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Gary Church

September 20, 2013

Gary Church: Want your fridge fixed? I’ve got it down cold

NEW CASTLE — Some people can open a refrigerator correctly.

Some people can't.

I had just put my milk away from breakfast, and went into the living room for a little relaxation in my chair.

That's when my wife opened the fridge and said, "What happened to the light in the refrigerator? It's not on."

Now I was just in there and the light was working fine.

I asked, "How did you break it?" 

She said the light in the freezer works, but not the refrigerator light.

Upon closer investigation, I uncovered the fact that the refrigerator has two lights, and both were out.

Not being a natural born refrigerator repairman, I googled how to change a light bulb in an Amana refrigerator.

There were videos of other brands showing how to change the light, but only written directions on the Amana site.

They said, unplug the appliance, remove the protector, and replace the bulb.

C’mon! How many men out there are going to actually unplug the fridge, just to change a light bulb.

I skipped step one.

On my model, you have to remove four screws to loosen the protector.

It would have been very simple if I knew what four screws to loosen, but I didn't.

There were about 12 screws and I had to guess which four were the correct ones.

Through trial and error, and reciting a few of my favorite adjectives, I got the protector off.

I put in the new bulbs, and they worked perfectly.

I usually judge how good my home repair jobs are by how many parts I have left over.

I'm proud to say that every screw is accounted for.

Not only that, without any help I cleaned the top two shelves that I had to remove, and placed them back in perfectly.

As an added bonus, I put the jelly, mayo, cream cheese, pickles, and the Romano cheese back in, in alphabetical order.

Our refrigerator is so bright now, you need to wear a welder’s mask to get the pickles out.

I then gave my wife a little bit of training on how to open the refrigerator door correctly, without burning out the lights.

She is now content.

She sure is a lucky woman to have a husband who is as versatile as I am.

Who knows what I'll be fixing next, as long as I don't have to get down on the floor to do it.

Those days are over, plus the Mooney Brothers are out of business, and their crane is no longer available.


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Gary Church
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