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Gary Church

April 13, 2012

Gary Church: What do I do for fun? You mean besides sit in the Walmart parking lot?

NEW CASTLE — For a little adventure in my life, I sit in Walmart's parking lot, while my wife is inside shopping.

I like to park where I can see everyone going in and out of the store.

Last week, a young mother and her 3-year-old daughter came out of the store and waited on the sidewalk for their ride.

While there, a few friends stopped to chit-chat with the mother.

The mother was very happy to show them what she had bought her daughter for her birthday. She even showed them the cake.

I'm old fashioned. Birthday, or any other present, is not to be seen until it is unwrapped at the proper time.

The mother probably had no baby-sitter and had to take her daughter shopping with her. I just felt bad for the little girl. What is she going to unwrap?

Of course, there is always the chance the gifts were for another child, but the mother didn't look that old.

When I shop for my wife, I don't want her in the same country that I am shopping in.

Way too many times she says she is going into one store at the mall, and I spot her in the store that I'm shopping in.

It is tradition at our house that we don't see the birthday cake until after all the prizes are unwrapped.

Then my wife mysteriously disappears into the kitchen and comes out with a cake, with candles aglow.

Everyone sings “Happy Birthday,” we blow out the candles, and eat cake.

I might add, no one sees their cake ahead of time, except for my wife.

Old money bags has all the loot, so she has to buy her own cake.

If she would ever say, "Honey, here are a couple of bucks, go get my cake," I would gladly obey.

I guess she doesn't trust me with that much money.

We are allowed to give hints on what we want for our birthday.

This year, since I didn't get one for Christmas, I am hoping for a push broom from the Blind Association.

That's no guarantee that I'm going to get it. My wife will probably get me socks and underwear.

That's her tradition.


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Gary Church
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