New Castle News

December 27, 2013

Gary Church: When it comes to gift giving, sometimes I just don't get the right signal

Gary Church
New Castle News


There was a time in the early 70's when my wife and I were dating, that we weren't dating.
When Christmas time came around, I thought I should still get her something.
Not something elaborate, just something.
Mr. Fletcher from Fletcher's jewelry had a 2nd hand, pocket transistor radio he said I could have for five bucks.
It was a little worn, and some chrome on it was scratched, but what the heck.  I said, "Sold!"
That Christmas she had snuck into my house, when I was not at home, and placed a gift for me under the tree.
I don't remember what it was, but it may have been cuff links, that are now missing in action.
You would think after 40 years, she would have forgotten about that cheap transistor radio I got her.
She still complains about it.
About the only station it could pick up was WKST.
I have always been told, "it's the thought that counts."
Apparently she has never heard that saying.
My gift buying has improved immensely since the early 70's.
This year I got her a digital loose change bank, that will keep track of how much money she has put in.
It wasn't as expensive as the transistor radio, but it was a very thoughtful gift.
Let's say she needs $3.57 in change.
She will now know exactly how much change she has, and not have to count it.
For those that think I'm a little cheap, this year I splurged, and got her a $10 box of Zantac.
Add to this a can of Planters cashews, and this could be her biggest Christmas ever.
I sure have come a long way, from my $5 transistor radio days.
I think she still has it hidden somewhere, just to remind her to keep griping about it.
Do I look like the kind of guy that would wear cuff links?