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Gary Church

June 6, 2014

Gary Church: After ending up in the drink, I became the designated driver

NEW CASTLE — Well, it's finally the season to get the boat out and head up to the lake.

Water is very relaxing, and I really enjoy it.

I've never owned a boat, but my friend Ron Blews did.

Back in my swinging days, the guys would take the boat up to Shenango Dam and water ski.

Well, some of us would water ski.

I seemed to have a little trouble at lift-off.

They actually kept count of how many times they tried to pull me up out of the water and start skiing.

It was 77, at last count.

Larry Blews decided to get into the water, so he could get a better view of what I was doing wrong and correct my mistakes.

He almost drowned from laughing so hard, at the sight of me being pulled by the boat.

It looks so easy when you see others skiing, but I guess it wasn't my cup of tea.

What made me look even worse: Larry's girlfriend got up on her first try.

She never let me forget it.

I now look back at those days and have learned to have a deep respect for the inventor of the life jacket.

You would not be reading this blog if I didn't have one on at the time.

Since someone had to pilot the ship, while all the others were having a blast, I was named the designated boat driver.

And you always thought a designated driver was just for the drinking crowd.


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Gary Church
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