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Gary Church

February 25, 2014

Gary Church: I can’t roll with old certificate — but maybe I can still rock the mic

NEW CASTLE — Did you ever have something in your closet, and you have no idea why?

At the bottom of my casual shirt closet is a framed New Castle Service Star Legion Incorporation certificate.

It was signed Jan. 28, 1944, which is five months before I was born.

My mother was a member, but I never was.

I felt like a member, though, because I was dragged to all of the meetings.

Sometimes I wonder if someone from the government would ever ask the New Castle Service Star Legion, "Where is you incorporation certificate?"

How many of them would be able to answer, "In Gary Church's casual shirt closet."

I'm not sure if the organization still exists.

The charter members listed on the certificate are: Minnie Nicholson, Ethel Murphy, Mina Dout, Edith Cline, Carrie Wehr, Melba Smith, Agnes Smolkowicz, Nellie Farrell, Inez Custer, Sarah Thomas, Olga Mundziak, Emma Campbell, Mary Campbell, and Emma McCune.

If some of the names are spelled wrong, it's because I couldn't make out the letters.

Probably if my mother's name was on it, it would be a keeper, but it isn't.

I'm getting older, and need to start getting rid of a few things. This could be the first.

I'm pretty sure this is not something my daughter would treasure hanging on her living room wall.

The next thing I'm thinking about tossing is my rusty microphone stand that I used when I played bass at Borrelli's Lounge in New Waterford, Ohio.

How often do you have the original stand that held your microphone when you sang "Smoke on the Water?"

That ought to be worth something.

I also used the mic stand to sing "Jumpin’ Jack Flash.”

Both of these heirlooms will probably end up in the Smithsonian.

I just hope they have room for my little blue pig piggy bank.

It will be empty, of course.


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Gary Church
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